Griffon – Guild Wars 2 Guide


Griffon – Guild Wars 2 Guide

The Griffon is a hidden mount found in the Crystal Desert in Path of

Guild Wars 2 New Player Guide 2022 Short | Mounts Need to Know

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Guild Wars 2 New Player Guide Short | Mounts Need to Know

This is a cutdown version of my Ultimate New Player Guide for those who like bite sized videos.
In this clip you will learn all about the basics of mounts and their function in the game.

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How to fly on a Griffon // Tutorial

Some people did ask me, how I fly and what my settings are – so here we go. I hope this small tutorial will help you!

Some tricks I found out after this video:

Fly up during a wing flap and you will fly up with outstretched wings. If you do that, you don’t trigger the pulling up animation of the griffon. You need to fly forward on fullspeed befor doing so.

You can wing-flap much more often if you fly down, do the super speed dash and then fly up while holding – at the same time – the key to fly down. Your stamina will regain much faster.

Music: Sappheiros – Embrac

Guild Wars 2 – Crystal Oasis Griffon Mount Collection

(50 gold, 2 Hearts, 1 Bounty, and 5 Griffon eggs)

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“Griffon is just a gimmick”

Someone said the griffon is little more than a gimmick so i made a video, demonstrating how you can use your griffon in combination with some of the other mounts (excluding skyscale) to get some good use out of it while going from point A to B – in this case from character creation to the cursed shore in Orr. Obviously this is applicable in a lot of other situations aswell.