Bugs – Persona 5 Guide


Bugs – Persona 5 Guide

The following page contains the information on the Persona Bugs from Persona

Persona 5 Royal – Strength Rank 9

After fusing a Bugs with Samarecarm, we deepen our bond with the Wardens…

Okumura Boss Fight Made Easy (Boss Guide + Persona Build) | Persona 5 Royal

In this video I give a rundown on the Okumura boss fight, provide tips to make it easier, and showcase my Persona setup to trivialize the Okumura boss fight in Persona 5 Royal for the Playstation 4.

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Persona 5 – How to make Bugs with Samarecarm Twin Wardens Rank 9! HQ

“”Lets play Persona 5 Blind playthrough Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game 1080P HD PS4 PRO
English Version.

The Awakening

Getting a Bugs with Samarecarm requires you to break out your advanced Persona Fusion tools once again – you’ll need to combine Pixie (Lovers) with Pisaca (Death) and Hariti (Empress).

The move you need must come from Hariti, who learns Samarecarmat level 41. Boost Hariti there through some combat grinding or via an arcana burst, then have the resulting Bugs from the fusion inherit the move.

100% Social Links / Confidant Guide.
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silent play through
Normal difficulty

Twin Wardens rank 8

Caroline and Justine”””

A simple Persona 5 Royal guide for struggling players

Persona 5 Royal has a lot of mechanics that can easily overwhelm a new player. I thought it would be a good idea to break down the mechanics with some visuals in hopes of helping them get a better grip on the game #persona5royal #p5r

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00:00 -introduction

00:46-The 4 key elements

01:01-battle mechanics-downing enemies and exploiting weakness

01:59-alt method #1 critical hits

02:10-Method #2 Technical damage

02:35-Final method Down Shot

02:47-Baton Pass

03:44-Down all enemies

03:56-Hold ups and negotiation

04:55-All Out attack

05:10-Enemies can use one more

05:23-Hostage situation

05:38-Follow up attacks

5:50-Different resistance types-battle END

06:31-Social-check you phone

07:17-Use the bathroom


08:20-Don’t get overwhelmed, just explore

08:39-The assist button

09:16-using the map

09:36-Get books to read before shcool

09:41-the rail map

10:02-Time restricted activities

10:17-How to spot progression-Social END


12:02-The velvet Room-exp bonuses and inheritance

12:50-Advanced fusion

13:04-Fuse by result

13:18-Network fusion

13:45-The compendium

14:24-strengthening personas

14:58-Persona Lockdown

15:52-Itemizing Personas

16:07 accidents happen

16:18 fusion alarm