Illusionary Walls – Dark Souls II Guide


Illusionary Walls – Dark Souls II Guide

Dark Souls II at youtube: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies

Dark Souls 2 – Forest of Fallen Giants – Hidden Walls & Secrets

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All Hidden (illusory) Walls, And Secrets for Forest of Fallen Giants.
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All Secrets From Each Location Are Listed Below
—Forest of Fallen Giants—
—No Man’s Wharf —
—The Lost Bastille And Belfry Luna—
—Earthen Peak—
—The Gutter & Black Gulch—
—Dark Souls 2 Iron Keep & Smelter Demon —
—Shaded Woods—

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Darks Souls 2 Bosses include: Pursuer, Last Giant, Dragonrider, Old Dragonslayer, Flexile Sentry, Ruin Sentinel, Lost Sinner, Executioner’s Chariot, Skeleton Lord’s, Covetous Demon, Mytha the Baneful Queen, Smelter Demon, Old Iron King, Royal Rat Vanguard, Rotten Scorpioness, Najka, Royal Rat Authority, Duke’s Dear, Freja, Looking Glass Knight (Mirror Knight), Demon of Song, Velstadt, King Guardian Dragon, Ancient Dragon, Giant Lord, Nashandra Throne Defender, Throne Watcher, Darklurker, Belfry Gargoyle, Old Witch, Old King, Old Dead One, Old Paledrake

Dark Souls 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 for XBOX 360, PS3 and PC in 1080p HD. This Dark Souls 2 Gameplay Walkthrough will include all Bosses, a Review, Classes, Character Creation, Enemies

Dark Souls 2 – Guide #47 – Belfry Sol

This area has no boss, just invasions from bell keepers.
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[Dark Souls II: SotFS] Drangleic Castle (complete guide) | All Items, NPCs, Illusory Walls

Time Stamps:
00:00 Beautiful Majula
03:38 Shrine of Winter
03:55 Soul of Hero
05:55 Crystal Lizard
10:23 Drangleic Castle & Chancellor Wellager
14:20 Sublime Bone Dust
15:30 1st Bonfire
17:23 Bashful Ray summon sign
20:45 Faraam Set
21:30 Darkdiver Grandahl
21:45 2nd Bonfire
24:20 Frozen Flower
24:25 Soul of Hero
25:45 Petrified Dragon Bone
26:55 3rd Bonfire (Hidden Bonfire)
31:06 Pilgrim Bellelaire summon sign
31:16 Twin Dragonrider
32:43 4th Bonfire & Benhart of Jugo
36:36 Activate the elevator
37:47 Sellsword Luet summon sign
40:20 Petrified Dragon Bone
42:50 Estus Flask Shard
44:14 Captured Milfanito
44:55 Key’s to King Passage
47:42 Twinkling Titanite
47:47 Ashen Knight Boyd summon sign
47:57 Benhart of Jugo summon sign
48:30 Looking Glass Knight

Drangleic Castle, istana besar ini merupakan bagian penting dari story, ini adalah tempat berakhirnya story. Sebelum memasuki kastil, kita akan menemui dua Mastodon yang mematung, mereka akan berhenti mematung saat kita mendekat, selain Mastodon, di kastil ini terdapat musuh-musuh lain seperti Royal Guard (Syan), Royal Swordsman, Ruin Sentinels, Stone Knight/Soldier, Belfry Gargoyle, Manikin, Desert Sorceress, Old Knight, Alonne Knight Captain, Mimic, Suspicious Shadow. Selain itu juga ada mini boss seperti Executioner Chariot, dan Twin Pursuer.

Di Drangleic terdapat beberapa NPC, yaitu:
1. Emerald Herald
Emerald Herald, atau yang bernama asli Shanalotte, wanita cantik dan anggun yang kita jumpai di Majula, ini juga akan kita jumpai di beberapa tempat berbeda seperti sebelum kita memasuki Drangleic Castle, sebelum Throne of Want, dan juga di Undead Crypt. Dia di sini berperan sebagai pembimbing, seseorang yang memberi isyarat kalau “jalur ini benar, teruskanlah, kau semakin dekat dengan akhir cerita”.

2. Chancellor Wellager
Dia adalah NPC yang berupa hantu, Ia menjual proyektil magic dan lightning, dan beberapa item consumable, terutama Repair Powder, selain itu, pada NG++ dia akan menjual Chaos Fireball.
Jika kita memilih ‘Talk’ setelah mengalahkan Giant Lord, Welager akan memberikan kita Royal Dirk, Espada Ropera, dan Llewelyn set.

3. Darkdiver Grandahl
Dia adalah NPC penting jika kita ingin bergabung dengan covenant Pilgrim of Dark. Dia bisa kita temui di Shaded Woods, Black Gulch, dan juga Drangleic Castle. Setelah kita menjumpai nya di 3 tempat berbeda, akan tersedia fitur untuk membuka portal menuju Chasm of Abyss.

4. Nashandra (Human Form)
Dia berada di sebuah singgasana, di sebrang ruangan yang terdapat di sebelum arena tempat kita melawan Twin Dragonriders.

5. Benhart of Jugo
Dia duduk bersandar ke tembpk di dekat bonfire setelah kita melawan Twin Dragonriders. Berbicara dengannya di sini akan memunculkan ‘Summon Sign’ nya yang terletak di dekat pintu masuk arena nya Loooking Glass Knight.

Selain NPC, di Drangleic juga terdapat beberapa boss, yaitu Twin Dragonriders, Looking Glass Knight, Throne Watcher & Defender, Nashandra, dan Aldia (SotFS).

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Dark Souls 2 Dissected #3 – How The Gutter Got Gutted

We begin our exploration of the prototype / cut map content of Dark Souls II. This episode takes a close look specifically at unused maps for The Gutter and Grave of Saints. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with chelnov atomic runner game. As the last surviving human, you'll need to navigate through treacherous environments and defeat mutated creatures to survive. With its smooth controls and addictive gameplay, Atomic Runner is a blast to play online. Plus, with its retro-style graphics, you'll feel like you're in a classic arcade.

0:00 – Greetings
2:01 – Introduction to the Early Gutter
10:35 – The Garbage Pillars
14:35 – Early Grave of Saints & More
30:39 – Recap, Loose Ends & Lore
37:47 – Credits

Here you can find most of my previous explorations into Dark Souls 2’s early map files, this was all done with help from Demon’s Lantern back in the day-